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You Rock! El Paso Inclusive Girls’ Music Camp  returns July 8-19
June 18, 2024
You Rock! El Paso Inclusive Girls’ Music Camp returns July 8-19

The El Paso Community Foundation and Because of You Fund provide a stage for the second year in a row for You Rock! Music Camp, an inclusive youth-centered music and empowerment camp dedicated to girls, ages 9-17. Applications are now open with limited spaces available. The music camp will be held July 8 - July 19 on weekdays from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at El Paso Community College - Rio Grande Campus and will culminate in a live musical performance.

Last year, the performance on-stage at the El Paso Community Foundation Plaza Classic Film Festival brought the house down with the results of hard work and dedication on full musical display. You Rock! El Paso returns and is ready for new campers to learn to play an instrument, form a band, write an original song, and perform live on stage! By using musical expression as a catalyst, the camp’s goal is to empower El Paso’s youth to express themselves, address important social issues, and create positive change through community-building and skill-sharing.

The camp has assembled an exciting and knowledgeable team of teachers, band coaches, and volunteers, who will instruct campers on playing their instruments, writing an original song, and will prepare the band to perform live. They will also teach them non-performance skills in the arts, communication and movement, plus innovative workshops that will encourage and support the campers in their creative and personal pursuits.

Jim Ward of Sparta and Kristine Ward were instrumental in bringing You Rock! El Paso to life, working with the El Paso Community Foundation to ensure the project was a success. “We are back for year two of You Rock!, our inclusive girls’ rock camp. Last year was a phenomenal experience, and it was incredible to watch these young folks learn, blossom and create. It’s a privilege to be part of this journey, and we can’t wait to see what beautiful music comes out of this summer’s camp,” said Jim Ward.

“It’s not enough to play an instrument alone–You Rock! camp teaches our youth how to jam as a band. Knowing how to play your part in the dynamic of a band isn’t so different from how a successful community works. This just sounds better,” said Eric Pearson, President/CEO, El Paso Community Foundation.

Applications are now open and space is limited. If you would like to support the camp by donating toward the scholarships for campers, any amount is greatly appreciated. There are also corporate opportunities to sponsor a whole You Rock! band.

For more information on You Rock! El Paso, or to donate or apply for camp, please visit Follow us on Facebook at You Rock El Paso and on Instagram at @yourockelpaso