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Priceless Heart Project collects donations for migrants
February 13, 2023
Priceless Heart Project collects donations for migrants

Priceless Heart Project **is taking part in the **FHS Community Project and collecting donations all week. Help them meet their Giving Goals!

The population of migrants in need grows larger each day locally. The Price Foundation is hoping to make a large impact on our current demand migrant conditions with the help of local Student Councils. Through Giving Goals, which are donations of needed everyday items, we can provide to our current migrant situation. Once all items are collected, these donations will be donated to the refugee population in El Paso.

Drop off items at Franklin High School Main Building Front Desk

Giving Goals

February 13 - Promote Giving—Donate Warm Blankets
February 14 - Reach Out—New Undergarments
February 15 - Include Everyone—Unused Toiletries
February 16 - Create Change—Donate Duffel Bags & Backpacks
February 17 - Empower Yourself—Non-Perishable Food